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Thursday, December 09, 2004


Friday, December 03, 2004

Go pak 2 more earholes.. cannot wait for huili liao.. buai tahan.. dunno when she free de.. then go qian hu with daddy.. daddy also dunno know how to feed the goldfish or not de.. the goldfish almost all die neh..

28/11 & 29/11
Chalet, so sian, got me jean kaihui, zhangkai, fengguang, minghui, waikiat, yiliang & co. Nothing to do leh..eat .. slp.. tio ka jiao by kaihui..

go neighbour house play xbox. from 7pm slp till 11pm, chat with wen till 4.45am.. zitz pop out form my face liao.. DIE

later daddy help me bring xbox go modify..

tml cousin bringing games for my xbox..need buy 1 more controller and 1 gun, 1 steering wheel to let them play..
SIAN.. so long never update...

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

hah! YEAH!.. SO Long Neber Blog le!!..Hmn.. coz got exams ba... SO tired.. Today can from 12pm slp until 8 pm.. Today de maths.. Simple la... but no time to do.... Damn tat mr seow..... Then today after exams go find Yi an 'Drink coffee'.. ahahaha..... me, jean, kaihui, huili, fengguang, minghui, pengxiang, tomato.. all find her drink coffee.... Knn.. She so Buay bah.... Using ppl de pic and say its her.. LOL!..... heng we got evidence ar~.... today we screamed at her for 45 mins .. Knn.. saying 'jason' from ctss .. then we found out tat there is no jason.... nb.. YI An.. You Tml Still wanna drink coffee issit?...aiyah.. now going to do my art le

Friday, August 27, 2004

Weet!.. Today no organ.. ehehehehz... so happy..then ar.. that stupid Mister tham.. ask us to do CWO.. then pick the leaves and sticks... aiyah.. pic rubbish better.. pick the leaves dunnno when then pick finish leh...at last !.. pick le then go jp with jean kaihui yiliang lekwei tony wahyudi hanzhong jiarong mengteng weijie pengxiang qi yi... wah.. so many ppl... then see the movie 'face'... the sound effect wan to burst my ear drum... they scream till siao.. then me and jean keep on eating popcorns like nobody's business like that...lol.. that movie quite ok lor.. also can say quite sian lar.. then half way i drink and eat till wan to piss... cannot tahan liao.. queeze back the urine... LOL!.... ^^

Monday, August 23, 2004

あくび... so late le.. i now then write my blog...そう長く決して更新... 決して私の宿題に触れてはいけない.. haiz.. die le lor.. tml confirm tio teacher scold de.. then still got dnt test.. wah!.. God bless me man.. nothing to blog leh... so tired.. tomolo still got swimming at 7 to 9pm.. wed got organ.. next week got organ exam.. WAT THE FCUK!!??... 今そう疲れさせている..よりよい睡眠は行く.....

Monday, August 09, 2004

YawnZ.. yesterday too tired to create new post.. hmn.. yesterday went city hall, suntec.. go esplanade.. of coz watch fireworks lar~.. heehee.. very de nice.. but 5 mins nia..wait 1 hours see 5 mins de fireworks.. hmPF.. then kaihui and oh xinyi also got go.. kaihui enjoying watching her 5566.. dun think she notice de fireworks anyway.so many ppl..queeze till siao .haiz.. actually today wan to go starbucks with yiliang daddy and his gang.. then jean say wana go sentosa with the vballers, then me and kh dun wan .. sobZ.. dunno where to go.. then changed to west coast with jean kh wahyudi and hanzhong.. becoz kh dun wanna go..becoz of her 5566 again.... then hanzhong also dun wan... then in the end i also dun wan... LoL.. at home slping.. no wonder my nick in 'the polluted quardrupigs' is called slping pig.... hahaz..

Friday, August 06, 2004

today.. de worse ndp celebration even had.. LoL.. nothing to do de... dun wan to listen to speech day by dr. mao.. then go hiding... after sch go drinking with kh, jean, tomato,chichi, hanzhong and wahyudi... song boh.. barcadi plus play ps 2 with chichi.. heard that after me and kh go home, tomato canot stand the alchohol and he drunked.. LoL...me and kh drink.. no problem ar... why he so fast drunk de le?.. after organ come out teach complain... aiyah.. slacking nowadays le.. play qingtian like funeral song like that.. then play improvisation cannot catch up.. 4 more lessons.. must REN ! ^&*()_+!!! gonna pause my organ lesosn for sec 2 exam.